Established in 1965 Bill and Bob Ayre, father and son worked as a team until 1995. Family concerns led each of us to seek employment elsewhere. Fortunately we kept our workshops intact.

As Ayre & Ayre Silversmiths we sold our work through craft fairs and galleries throughout the country. We ran our own shop in Old Town Albuquerque NM and Jackson Hole Wyoming. Our name now is Ayre Silversmiths because the internet wont recognize the ampersand.

Agates and Jaspers have been utilized in our work. One agate in  particular was on the cover of “The Goodfellow Catalog of Wonderful Things” A Berkley Windhover book,1984, by Christopher Weills.

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Ayre Silversmiths



Ayre and Ayre Silversmiths

Box 1049  Appaloosa Road

Moriarty New Mexico  87035


The mainstream of our  work is in limited edition jewelry that people can afford and wear daily. We also produce a number of fine one of a kind pieces for galleries and exhibitions. We began our craftwork in earnest in April, 1965.

Bob and Bill Ayre, father and son, work primarily in silver and brass;  some titanium and niobium are used as accent material.  Most of our work is forged and fabricated from sheet, wire and standard metal shapes. We do little casting, preferring to work directly with the metals.

Recent work includes electro-forming, anodizing and etching. These studio techniques  introduce exciting colors and textures to work that is usually silver or gold in color. Additionally, we do our own stone cutting allowing us to produce pieces without the constraint of standard size and shapes.

Both of us are self trained in jewelry but have attended workshops and meetings of professional interest, such as ceramics, lapidary, metalsmithing, photography, etc.  We travel quite a bit so we always visit artists along the way and in turn our shop is always open for visits.

We are assisted in many aspects of our work by other members of our family. Patty ayre (mom), Kathryn Ayre (daughter), Carl Muehlenweg (Kathy’s husband) and Susan Ayre (daughter), their work and support is invaluable in many, many  ways.

Awards (partial list)

Fort Worth Mayfest, merit award 1992

Weems Artfest, second prize metals, 1986 & 1983

Cloudcroft NM.,  Octoberfest,  merit award, 1983

El Paso Kermezaar,  merit award, 1982

Little Rock riverfest, merit award, 1982

New Mexico State Fair  purchase award, 1972

New Mexico state fair , 2nd prize metals, 1982 

Wichita Falls Museum of Art , Spring Fling-merit award, 1980

Museum, Gallery and Juried exhibitions:

Santa Fe Folk Art International, Santa Fe NM. 1968

Museum of Albuquerque   New Mexico Designer Craftsmen 1968

Santa Fe Folk Art International, Santa Fe NM. 1968

Mariposa Gallery , Albuquerque NM., group shows 1978-1985

The Contemporary Craftsman, Santa Fe NM., two man show 1979

Ten Craftsmen Gallery Albuquerque NM. six group shows 1969-1976

Shops and Galleries  (partial list):

The Market, Taos NM., since 1967 (a twenty six year association)

The Contemporary Craftsman, Santa Fe NM.

Mariposa Gallery, Albuquerque NM.

Ten Arrow Gallery, Cambridge Mass.

Craftmasters of Nantucket, Nantucket Mass.

Santa Fe Opera Gift Store.

Catalogs and Magazines:

“Profiles - Whos Who in American Crafts”  1993

      “Niche” Magazine pictorial,  Summer 1989

“The Goodfellow Catalog of Wonderful Things”

“Brookstone Catalog of hard to find gifts

“American Crafts Council Buyers Guide” 1983, 1984, 1985

“Ohio Designer Craftsmen Lifestyle Directory” 1986, 1987

Juried Fairs (partial list):

Kermezaar, El Paso Museum of Art (guild )1977-1991

Philadelphia Buyers Market 1985, 1986,1987,1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992.

Boston Buyers market 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991 , 1992

West Springfield Buyers Market, Mass. 1985, 1986

American Crafts Council, Dallas Tx. ,1981,1982,1983,1984.

National Crafts Fair, Frederick and Gaithersburg Md., 1978-1993

Mayfest, Fort Worth Tx., 1983-1992

Mayfest, Tulsa ok., 1982-1990, 1992

Dallas 500 Artfest 1980-1987,1989,1991

Mill Avenue, Tempe Az.,1980-1992

Spring Fling, Wichita Falls tx.,1980-1985.

Fourth Ave, Tucson az.,1977-1991

Festival in the Pines (Flagstaff, Az.),  1985,1988,1989,1990,1992

New Mexico Arts and Crafts fair, 1967-1984  sixteen years

Little Rock Arkansas Riverfest, 1982,83,85,86,89-91

Weems Artfest, 1983 through 1992